About Photo1

Hello I’m Karen; passionate individual, wife, artist, designer, photographer and founder of DESIGN K.  For as long as I can remember, I have had an affinity for design and décor, and have loved creating…anything and everything. My passion is creating and I am constantly visualizing new designs and ideas, employing my natural talent for art, photography and design. Nothing makes me happier than creating spaces and art that bring others a sense of delight and peace.

Originally from South Africa, I have lived in London, Australia, and for the past six and a half years, Dubai. A qualified engineer, the twelve years I spent working in the industry were valuable in developing a variety of capabilities that have proven to be invaluable namely, organizational skills, detailed and meticulous planning, smooth and efficient execution of projects, problem solving as well as completing projects within the specified timeline and budget constraints.

My move into interior design stemmed from a deep yearning to express my artistic passion and desire to combine the skills I learnt in the corporate world with my creative flair for design and deco. It was a slow process with lots of learning along the way, but deeply satisfying and fulfilling.

I love the colour WHITE as well as the gentler, softer and subtle designs thus it was a natural progression to the more aesthetically delicate design of nurseries and children’s rooms.

I am very intuitive, with an instinctive feel for spaces and a natural ability to visualize and create soothing surroundings. I have studied feng shui and am a certified children’s yoga teacher.

I believe your home is integrally connected to all aspects of your being and that your surroundings ultimately affect your mood, well-being and your experience of life.  Your space is not only a reflection of you; you are a reflection of your space.  Balancing functional, aesthetic and psychic elements of design is key to the creation of appealing, nurturing surroundings. Nowhere is this more important than in the environment into which we bring new-born babies, and raise young children.

I love creating beautiful sanctuaries that exude tranquillity and joy.